About Us

S.A.F. Engelo

Managing Director

Rashantha Fernando


Incorporated as a gem cutting and wholesaler in 1996, Our Company has been in the Gem trade for over 20 years. S.A.F Engelo, the founder of Engelo Gems (Pvt) Ltd, as well as the current Managing Director of the company, portrays his vast experience in the field by the quality and trust that his company continues to cater to its customers.

Not to forget our well-experienced staff of Gem Cutters, most of who have been with us from the inception of the business. And thus, faceting that you see on our stones are laid with utmost care and experience.

Based in Sri Lanka, we specialize in Fine cut Sapphires both Heated and Un-Heated as well as in other Semi-Precious gemstones such as Spinels, Garnets, and Zircons.

By showcasing our Gemstones in renowned Gem and Jewelry exhibitions such as the GJX, Tucson (U.S.A), and JCK ,Las Vegas (U.S.A) we bring to you a very carefully sourced and faceted selection of Gemstones at a very competitive wholesale price and great quality.

We take great pride in being able to manufacture our gemstones in our own factory. By making it our company policy to only cut gemstones that are procured by us, we ensure their authenticity in terms of Gemstone variety, treatment (had there been any), and also the location from which it is sourced.

Above all, we strive to live by our company slogan, “Authentic, Innovative in design and honest in practice”